March 8, 2018

To Stay Focused and Improve your Concentration

Your faced with a huge task at hand and its difficult to maintain concentration, would you rather face and overcome the challenge or merely endure it? We have all been there one day or another, don’t give in. Alpha can revive your concentration with the help of the caffeine it contains. Caffeine acts primarily as a stimulant of the central nervous and cardiovascular system. It decreases drowsiness and reaction time and can help you maintain focus. Combined with taurine, these ingredients multiply the desired effects needed to give you strength to continue on and achieve your goals.
March 8, 2018

To Optimize your Training Journey

Do you love to exercise and are looking to optimize your training sessions? Would you like to push your limits, surpass your expectations, and see progression? Alpha can be a great addition to your traditional hydration! In addition to providing sugar to help your body recuperate, Alpha also contains taurine which helps regulate the water and mineral levels in the blood, an important element of muscle tissue regeneration after training.
March 8, 2018

Because the night isn’t over yet…

When the night comes you want to go out and have fun, nothing should ruin that. Night life is a great way to relax or let off steam; however, sometimes the body doesn’t follow what the mind desires. A little boost can make all of the difference.Alpha gives you the opportunity to extend the fun until the end of the evening. The caffeine stimulates and awakes your mind while the taurine supports your muscles to keep you energized. All the while the, pantothenic acid, better known as vitamin B5, helps keep you hydrated and fights the feelings of fatigue. What better way to keep the night going?
  • It's been 3 months since i switched my old energy drink for Alpha et I only see the benefits. Also everybody is curious with this can that they don't recognize yet. Don't change anything, i love it!
    Charlotte M. - 27 y.o. - Paris
  • In a few words: it's my little secret for fitness sessions.
    It does not replace water for the hydration part but definitely helps to keep the coach rhythm !
    Elsa K. - 24 y.o. - London
  • Every single minute of my day is a marathon not to be late.
    Alpha is my energy booster when I need to combat fatigue.
    Igor N. - 34 y.o. - Abidjan